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French Sea Rescue Organization Tests RENOLIT DOLPHIN S

RENOLIT DOLPHIN S Fouling Release Film Tested in Extreme Atlantic Conditions

The voluntary French sea rescue organization “Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer” SNSM has had one of its 12 meter-long rescue vessels (SN 203) coated  with the Fouling Release Film RENOLIT DOLPHIN S. The test at the location of Pornichet, near Saint-Nazaire in Brittany is being monitored by the SNSM’s National Technical Department and is scheduled to run for one year. All necessary performance parameters of the film on the hull will be routinely checked by divers.

The non-profit organization, comparable with the German Maritime Search and Rescue Association DGzRS, hopes that the use of the film will significantly cut fuel consumption in its vessels. Also important to the SNSM is the weathering resistance of the film because hulls are subject to extreme conditions along the coastline of Brittany, especially in winter.

Furthermore, the rescue organization wants to set an example for environmental protection with the biocide-free RENOLIT DOLPHIN S film because legal requirements in French coastal waters are very high.

As the average life-expectancy of RENOLIT’s Fouling Release Film is five years, SNSM is hoping that its vessels will have to spend less time in dry-dock. As the boats are in use around the clock, they must be easy to clean. These factors contribute to a significant increase in the operational availability of the rescue vessels.

MULTIgraphic, RENOLIT’s certified French Partner Company, set up the contact to SNSM. The filming of a reference boat served as a demonstration of RENOLIT DOLPHIN S in real-life conditions. When it comes to introducing new technologies, other shipping companies and ship owners consult closely with the SNSM and if trials are successful, use these on their own fleets. RENOLIT used similar methods to gain access to markets in United Kingdom and Denmark.


The Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer (SNSM) is a voluntary French sea rescue organization founded in 1967 by merging the Société Centrale de Sauvetage des Naufragés and the Hospitaliers Sauveteurs Bretons. Its task is saving lives at sea around the French coast, including the overseas départments and territories. SN 203 was built in 2011 by the well-known French shipyard Sibiril Technologies, one of leading yards for rescue and working boats in France. The SNSM is mainly financed by subsidies from the French government, the regions, the départments and local authorities.

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Protective Coating Film – Better performance and cost optimization

Films as surface protection in the maritime industry – with these innovations, the film specialist has entered a completely new area. RENOLIT is now making a strong impact in maritime applications. Regardless of whether anti-slip films, fouling release films or protection films for working vessels: RENOLIT’s solutions for the seas and inland waterways always offer the maximum customer benefit.

Protecting Workboats: Clean, Fast and Economical

One of the arguments for these innovative films as an alternative or supplement to conventional paint coatings is the visual effect. Whereas paint coatings are often of varying thicknesses, the films are consistently thick. Moreover, they are easily applied and can effect small localized repairs. Additionally, the films offer reliable protection and durability for your working vessel. Another advantage is that during the application of the films no volatile organic compounds (VOC) evaporate. This means that no harmful substances are released and no special precautions need to be taken such as the wearing of protective clothing. Maintenance work (also welding) can be carried out at the same time as application and this also reduces downtime.


RENOLIT sells its film innovations for workboats and ships as well as for other maritime applications primarily to industrial customers. Smaller quantities for private use are available from our constantly growing network of sales partners. For more information about RENOLIT click here.

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